This page contains information regarding the projects Anne has worked on for Broadcast Television.

Anne has a range of useful industry skills, developed primarily as a Runner. She has also acted as a Junior Researcher and a Transcriber. Anne acquires new skills easily, and has bags of common sense – a pre-requisite for busy shoot days.  She has also completed numerous BBC Academy internal training courses.

If you would like to discuss any opportunities, please contact Anne here.


Location Runner / Digital Technician / Camera & Shooting Assistant; BBC Studios; ‘Rip-off Britain’

Assisting self-shooting director shooting interviews and GVs for Current Affairs programme

  • Rigging and de-rigging kit including Go-Pros, Canon xf305, various microphones and lights
  • Shooting secondary footage (GVs, reaction shots) using Canon xf305
  • Monitoring sound and operating boom
  • Ensuring required shot list and sequences obtained
  • Working in contributor’s homes, and around vulnerable elderly adults, completing consent forms, explaining them to contributors and acquiring their consent
  • Driving Production Vehicles

Rip-off Britain is a 45 minute programme showing in a prime daytime slot. Each episode consists of three films, together with linking sections. Anne has worked on seven separate bookings, taking on more responsibility with each engagement.

Anne has developed from dealing with paperwork (consent forms), and setting up equipment, to suggesting suitable background shots, and then to shooting secondary footage and operating a boom mic. She has also monitored sound and fitted contributors with radio and line mics.


Office & Location Runner; CBBC; ‘Marrying Mum & Dad’ – Season 6

Pre-wedding filming – working as part of a crew of c6 people. For wedding filming, working as part of a crew of c20.

The sixth season of this award winning CBBC show where Ed Petrie and Naomi Wilkinson help kids make all the big decisions about their parent’s wedding day. They choose everything, from the theme to the venue, entertainment and outfits. Each episode is 30′ running time

Anne worked as Runner, in the Office (BBC Salford – Media City) and on Location. As a Runner she travelled the length and breadth of the UK in the Marrying Mum & Dad camper van, which is used as a mobile studio. Pre-wedding shoots occur over two to four days, and are based at various locations near to the contributors’ location. The crew returns to the area to shoot the wedding day, as it happens, with 50 guests as well as the bridal party and the kids all being kept in the dark about some or all of the elements of the day.


Location Runner; Ricochet TV for Channel 4; ‘Dave’s Guide to Spending Money’

Working as a location runner and driver for this well regarded Independent Production Company

A pilot for a potential new series for Channel 4. The pilot will be 60′ in length.

The show was filmed in and around the northern towns of Burnley and Colne, featuring local celebrity David Fishwick, as he attempted to demonstrate the ‘rip-offs’ we commonly fall for, and how money can be saved on both small and large scales.

Driving production vehicle
Consent forms
Setting up kit
Cash handling
Sourcing set dressing items
Assisting on recce to possible filming site for further show segment
Responsible for site clear up


Location Runner; Scripps Networks International UK for Travel Channel; ‘Paddy McGuiness’ Stars in their Cars – promotional trailer’

Working as a location Runner as part of a crew of 25 people, on a very fast-moving shoot day.

Paddy McGuiness’ Stars in Their Cars is a new travel / lifestyle / leisure / nostalgia show, to be TX’d on Travel Channel in Autumn 2016.

We shot at two locations in the course of 12 hours.

Anne assisted the 1st AD and Production Manager, was responsible for kit security over lunchtime, and transported a number of members of the crew, and the Senior VP / Head of Channels between the two filming locations.


Location Runner; Full Fat TV for Channel 5; ‘Tony Robinson’s Coast to Coast Adventure’ (WT)

Working on location with a crew of nine to shoot actuality, pieces to camera and interviews for travel/factual entertainment programme

  • Dealing with members of the public during shooting – completing consent forms
  • Assisting camera operators and sound recorder during extremely wet weather
  • Assisting director and producer by providing local knowledge

A new commission for Channel 5, this programme follows Tony Robinson as he travels across the north of England, from the East Coast to the West. The programme focuses on the people and communities he meets on his journey, and shows Tony talking with contributors, interacting at local events and reflecting on his experiences.


Production Runner; BBC Bristol; ‘DIY SOS – Blackpool Big Build’

Assisting Production Team with management of trade and public volunteers, charged with ensuring volunteer Health & Safety during shoot and construction work for factual show

  • Ensuring safe movement of volunteers around work site
  • Ensuring volunteers and filming crew were able to work in same confined site together and safely

DIY SOS now completes large projects – this was the ‘Children in Need’ Special, transforming a neglected building in Blackpool.

As a location runner Anne supervised the volunteer workforce, ensuring they had the required PPE. She also assisted the on-site researchers, by supervising the craft services workers and ensuring all consent forms were completed correctly.


Floor Runner; RDF West for ITV; ‘Dickinson’s Real Deal’

Assisting small filming crew during busy day of ‘as-live’ filming for factual / reality show

  • Sourcing members of the public to appear in background during shooting and advising them of the filming process
  • Providing director and headline talent with all documentation and information needed related to items to be filmed
  • Dealing with audience and contributor queries and ensuring completion of all relevant consent forms

DRD records footage for 4×60′ episodes on each recording day. Four recording zones are established within a central recording area, with each zone having it’s own crew consisting of 2 camera operators, a sound recordist, director and researcher / logger.

Anne worked assisting one of the teams. She located the designated contributors, collated all necessary paperwork concerning the contributor and their items for the director, and dealt with general housekeeping. Anne also sourced members of the public to appear in the rear of shot during segments.


Location Runner; Firecracker Productions for Channel 4; ‘Man Desert’ (WT)

Working as a Location Runner and Driver on an observational documentary

  • Rigging and de-rigging camera kit, lights and radio mics
  • Securing completion of location and contributor release forms
  • Working with self-shooting Director
  • Working with programme contributors in sensitive circumstances

Working on a shoot for an observational documentary. This programme will be featuring a number of contributors who live in the same geographical area, who have similar headline circumstances.

Anne worked with the self-shooting director, assisting her with driving to locations, setting up the recording equipment, and ensuring all necessary consent forms were completed.


Work Experience Runner & Researcher; BBC Children’s; ‘Justin’s House’ Series 4

Gaining experience of working in a busy TV Production Office and in Studio on recording days

Runner – Floor runner for Recording days on high energy Children’s Production.

  • Using multi-channel radio system during show recording
  • Escorting audience members (predominantly children aged 4–6) within the studio buildings and rigging and de-rigging audience holding area on recording days
  • Providing refreshments to cast and crew during read-throughs and rehearsals
  • Ensuring Cast Members had scripts and rehearsal props available as needed
  • Preparing audience signage for use on recording days
  • Acting as Stand In for absent cast members during episode blocking
  • General housekeeping duties in Green Room

Assisting Researcher – sourcing show contributors and audience members and completing all related paperwork

  • Creating Audience Packs, including Consent Forms and Checklists, to be sent to audience members
  • Calling winners of public ballot for show tickets to book them into the audience, and talk them through BBC requirements and the show recording process
  • Correctly filing all consent forms received into Production Office, checking for any issues and updating Excel spreadsheets accordingly
  • Preparing recording day schedules to be sent to audience members shortly before recording day, ensuring all information was accurate and appropriate to the audience type
  • Creating Video ‘snippets’ of songs to be sent to audience members in advance of recording, using in-house BBC software, and Dropbox
  • Assisting with rigging and de-rigging of camera, lights and microphone for audience ‘Vox Pops’

Justin’s House is an extremely popular show for CBeebies. Each episode is 25′ long on transmission, and two episodes are recorded ‘as live’ on each recording day.

Anne gained experience in the production office prior to the recording weeks commencing, and thereafter became a part of the team producing the show and working towards the recording day each week.