Anne has a lot of stories she wants to tell, and a fair number of things she wants to say; especially about the experience of women and their lives.

Here are details of some of the things Anne has written, and where they are up to in the development cycle.


Cirque… en rêvant

Set in the world of a mid-scale Canadian circus, this is an updated, modern-language adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. 

Currently being considered for initial performance as a radio play, Anne intends to stage a theatrical version of this – probably utilising circus performers in some of the roles.


The Tree

A public park in a state of disrepair; a man sentenced to ‘Community Payback’. Can they ‘heal’ each other?

Currently at the plotting / initial script development stage




Having adapted the script for the July 2016 Greater Manchester Fringe Festival production, Anne has now adapted it again for a future radio production. The play will be broadcast on Sherri’s Playhouse.


What Fools These Mortals Be

In a hot and humid summer, with the future of their holiday company employer hanging in the balance, how will each of the characters react to life forcing changes upon them, what does ‘home’ mean to any of us and does the beat go on without us there to hear it?

This is a three act play, which has been almost fully written since 2014.

On the holiday island of Ibiza, Naomi has risen to the position of ‘senior area rep’ for a British Package Holiday Operator. She’s been there for three years, having fled from heartbreak and a notion of home that was becoming claustrophobic.

Naomi’s best-friend Sarah can’t find a job after Uni, and has come to Ibiza as a stop gap. She’s left a steady boyfriend back in Leeds: Sammy.

Mark is the resident compere for an island hotel. He’s unhappy in his relationship, but too much of a coward to say what he really wants.


The first act of this play came to Studio Salford Development Week Eight in September 2016.

The capacity audience gave Anne a lot of really valuable feedback. She is currently working through the comments, with a view to revising Act 1 and then developing Act 2.


Fifteen for Two

Over the course of a quarter of a century we follow Maggie as she grows up, falls in and out of love, and tries to learn how to navigate her way through life. Jack, her grandfather, tells the story of his path through life, and attempts to impart his philosophy for life through playing games of cribbage with Maggie. 

A play in six scenes.

This play has been in development since early 2015. Anne finally decided it was time to push herself, and get something she had written before an audience. Between April and June 2016 she wrote the script, before acting as producer and director and staging the production as a rehearsed ‘script in hand’ reading in the GM Fringe Theatre Festival in July 2016.

15 for 2 poster

The small but enthusiastic audience gave some very insightful feedback, which has given Anne some additional plot factors to incorporate. She hopes to add some more historical details, to give the piece a stronger grounding in time, as the play progresses through the Thatcher-era, New Labour and the post-9/11 world.