Anne has been acting since my primary school Nativity play. Through school productions, her University Drama society and ‘Am Dram’ in her 20s, Anne’s enthusiasm has never waned.

Anne’s playing age is 20 – 45. She will work on stage or any size of screen. Anne has a wide set of specialised skills, from dance to canoeing to advanced map reading. She also drives, and holds a licence that allows her to drive minibuses, transit vans and lorries up to 7.5 Tonnes.

Anne’s full acting CV can be viewed here and selected roles are detailed below:


But John Hughes Said It Would Be OK…

A development and showcase evening for The Unnamed Theatre Company. Anne portrayed Sophie: a cafe waitress, “B”: a nameless character who has an obsession with Winnie The Pooh, and Judge Judy’s Courtroom Guard.

The production was staged in Oldham and Manchester in October 2016.


Would you Change?

A show written for Manchester’s 2014 GM Fringe Theatre Festival.

What would four remarkably different LGBT individuals have to say to one another? We pitch a battle of wits between Sappho, Quentin Crisp, Harvey Milk & Gladys Bentley – with the whole of creation hanging in the balance! This thoughtful piece holds a mirror up to the LGBT community, the way people live their lives and the battles that are faced every day.


Anne portrayed Sappho.

A review is here, with another here.


Rehearsal Space

A warm-hearted comedy set across the 30-year life of a cult tv show. From the 1st rehearsal in 1972 to a convention centre many years later – how has the fame or lack thereof affected the cast and crew?



Anne portrayed Spoke and Jayne, the ‘crazed fan girl’. A brief review is here.

In October 2013 the company held a cabaret night, performing in character. Anne sang ‘Defying Gravity’ whilst balanced on top of a step-ladder. The company also recorded an audio version of the play.